Apple iPhone SE (2020) may Be Made In India.

Apple is set to start manufacturing the iPhone SE (2020) in India according to a report. The Cupertino giant is said to have taken this step to avoid a 20 percent tax needed for importing the new iPhone model in the country. Apple’s Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron has reportedly been in the process of receiving components for manufacturing the smartphone in India. In 2017, Apple started manufacturing some of its iPhone models in India to avoid import taxes and cater to the growing demand in the country. The company, however, has so far domestically produced only older iPhone models.

At least one Apple supplier in China has been asked to start shipping components for the iPhone SE (2020) to Wistron in India from July The Information reported, citing a person familiar with the matter. The move would help Apple avoid the import tax it would otherwise need to pay to bring the new iPhone model in the country.

Some reports even before the launch of the iPhone SE (2020) suggested its manufacturing India development. Apple didn’t make any official revelations on that front at the time of its launch, though.

Focus on India is getting deeper
Apple kicked off its domestic manufacturing in India back in May 2017, and the first model that was produced locally was the iPhone SE. The company carried out the assembly process with Wistron at its Bengaluru facility. However, it also started manufacturing iPhone models at Foxconn’s manufacturing units in the country.

As shipments are increasing, Apple is planning to bolster its presence in India. CEO Tim Cook in February revealed that the company is set to establish its online store later this year, while its physical outlets are planned for 2021. A report suggested that Apple would start its online sales as early as the third quarter. The domestic manufacturing would help address local demand.

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