The Apple iPhone 12 Mini recently became available for purchase in India and in some countries abroad. However, just weeks after going on sale, some iPhone 12 Mini users have complained of unresponsive lock screens on the smartphone. Users have been posting about the issue across Reddit forum, Apple forum and on MacRumors forum. Some users have reported that since they received the iPhone 12 Mini they have been facing issue when they swipe up their Lock Screen to unlock.

Many users have also said that there are delayed responses when attempting to use the flashlight or camera buttons from the lock screen.

“my phone screen stops registering touch input randomly only when inside of a case and also with a screen protector on. With just the case on, the screen is fine, and with just the screen protector on the screen works fine. It’s only when they’re combined that my screen goes all janky,” a user reported on the Apple forum.

Notably, some users wondered if the issue was being caused due to the screen protector they were using, however, it has been found that the issue has been occurring in iPhone 12 Minis without screen protectors, as well

However, as of now, there isn’t anyone particular way to fix the issue. It’s also unclear if the issue is hardware or software-related.

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