Hackers Violates on iPhone 11 Pro With iOS 14 in 10 Seconds

In China, this year 15 teams participated with the purpose of finding unknown vulnerabilities and hacking them, that is, hacking an application or device. Each team had three chances of five minutes each to do so.The contestants received juicy rewards for each successful attack. The amount depended on the objective and the type of vulnerability.

The most successful hack was teams made up of professionals from the Ant-Financial Light-Year Security Lab and the Government and Corporate Security Vulnerability Research Institute (Qihoo 360). Both received the total amount of 180 thousand dollars (more than 3 million Mexican pesos) as a prize for violating an iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 14 in just 10 seconds.

Qihoo 360 repeated their place on the podium, as last year they also managed to position themselves with first place in the competition.In TianfuCup 2020, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, a Samsung Galaxy S20 with Android, Windows 10 v 2004, Adobe PDF Reader, among others, were also successfully breached.

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